Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

A few of our reader favorite exercise articles for women from the start of this year. Share your favorite story below!


Wintertime activities provide opportunities to add variability to your workout and a chance to escape boredom from doing the same indoor routine all winter long (although hot yoga or Pilates feels pretty great after coming in from the cold!). What awaits you in the great outdoors? Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Sledding and SNOWGA!

The Incredible Digit

The thumb is a small, but incredibly important joint.  We may not realize just how essential the thumb is to our daily activities until a painful thumb interferes with our routines.  This is especially true when thumb pain is in our dominant hand.  About 50% of our hand use relies upon the thumb with its’ flexibility, multi-directional movement, delicate pinch and powerful grasp.

Pilates Anytime, Anywhere

We know it’s a bone-chilling-BRRRRR sort of cold across most of the country. What if we told you that you could have one less stop in your day AND participate in studio-quality Pilates classes? Unlimited Pilates streaming into your home – with master instructors like Basi-trained Kristi Cooper White – all for the price of one class at a boutique studio? Roll out your mat and cue Pilates Anytime.

Off the Mat: Kettlebells

From “chopping trees” to “around the world” using legs, glutes, hips and core, this class was a definite challenge. However, unlike the other people taking class for the first time we had an advantage using our gloves – which was especially noticeable when one of our fellow participants lost his grip and a Kettlebell sailed through the air! The non-slip design of WAGs was a big confidence bolster for the maneuvers that required a firm grip moving through multiple planes of motion.

Where in the World…?

Paula, WAGs creator  and occupational therapist,  is presenting at the conference this year and we thought we’d give you a preview of her presentation, which will be posted in full to the WAGs YouTube account by the end of the month. The sessions and presentations will be hosted on the YogaHub site archives. Cozy up with that cup of hot tea or coffee and join in when you can!

Read more from February by using the “Archives Section” of the site! We have a number of great “Top 5” articles – abs, yoga & super foods, to name a few! Plus, one of our favorite WAGs customers, Erin, gives her account of how she discovered WAGs and uses them with her Senior clients and clients with wrist pain/injuries in central Michigan.

We welcome March and Spring! Bring on the sunshine, the green and the flowers! We’re packing up our WAGs and moving outside as soon as we possibly can!

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