Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

How Wrist Assured™ Gloves Came to Be…

It all started with a casual game of street soccer. In fact, it was the founder of Joint Protection Products’ own wrist injury that sparked the development of Wrist Assured™ Gloves, otherwise known as WAGs. Like you, Paula Wilbert is active and health-conscious. But after experiencing a tumble while playing soccer with her young son, Paula had sore wrists — so sore she was unable to put weight on her hands. After allowing healing time, Paula attempted to resume her yoga practice, but she continued to experience wrist pain and discomfort in those hands-on weight-bearing poses so common in yoga and Pilates.

As a licensed occupational therapist, Paula knew she needed to take the strain off her wrists. So she cut up a foam mouse pad and secured it at her wrist with an elastic wrap. Immediately feeling the benefit of lifting and cushioning the wrist, Paula envisioned a practical (and more attractive!) solution to her problem: a fitness glove with firm gel to cradle the wrist. To find her solution, Paula went shopping… She found biking gloves, weight-lifting gloves, gloves for gripping, and a variety of wrist wraps and braces, but nothing designed to support and cushion the wrist during exercise. Soon it was clear: no such product existed — yet!

A problem-solver by vocation and disposition, Paula set out to create the glove herself.

After months of gooey experiments creating various molds and gel pads, Paula came up with an ergonomic design that gave her wrists relief from the stress of weight-bearing exercise. She sent the gel pads to master seamstress Judy Lawson, who fashioned a glove around it.

Paula donned her new gloves and resumed her yoga and Pilates mat classes — free of wrist pain!

Other classmates suffering the same wrist pain started asking Paula where they, too, could get a pair. Their interest and desire sparked the formation of Joint Protection Products, LLC. After months of consultations with hand surgeons, Pilates trainers, yoga instructors, fitness enthusiasts, occupational therapists, hand therapists, bio-mechanical engineers, polymer specialists, sports manufacturers, and more… the glove was tested, perfected, and market ready.

In January 2007, Wrist Assured™ Gloves (WAGs) were launched at the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco. In July 2007, a second version of WAGs was introduced at the IDEA World Fitness Expo in San Diego. A new variation, WAGs Ultra, was released in 2009 out of customer request, and in 2010, WAGs Flex was added to the WAGs brand.

JPP is pleased to contribute to your health and well being by bringing Wrist Assured™ Fitness Gloves to you.

You can now continue to receive the lifestyle benefits of a regular regular fitness regime without the interference of wrist pain. WAGs gives you a versatile, therapeutic workout glove with an ergonomically designed gel pad sewn into a comfortable, stretchable fabric, while the non-slip palms provide grip for stability and security. Our four-style WAGs brand provides a wrist pain solution for your unique needs. Wrist Assured™, you’ll feel the difference!

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