Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

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Do your patients or clients complain
of wrist and thumb pain?

Our patented workout gloves are designed to relieve wrist and thumb pain during exercise and provide ergonomic wrist support.



Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) were invented by an occupational therapist following a wrist injury. She discovered there wasn’t a solution that enabled her to get back to her workouts without aggravating her wrists. Now thousands have experience the wrist pain relief that WAGs patented gel pad offers and are “back on their hands” again enjoying the mind-body benefits of their favorite workouts.

The Ergonomics of Wrist Assured Gloves

Anatomically, our hands are designed for mobility, not for bearing weight. Putting weight on the hands with the wrists in full extension stresses the tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues. Further aggravation is caused by doing several repetitions of wrist-stressing exercise or holding weight-bearing poses for prolonged durations, leading to tendonitis and repetitive strain injuries. For those with tender thumbs or wrist joints from arthritis, the pain is exacerbated by weight-bearing exercise.

It’s no wonder that wrist and thumb pain often result from workouts like TRX, yoga, Pilates, and pushups, all of which require supporting body weight on the hands.


How Do WAGs Work?

An anatomically designed, contoured gel wedge is inserted into the palm of the gloves. This ergonomic wrist support reduces the extreme angle at the wrist and distributes pressure evenly across the palm to offload the weight on the wrist and thumb joints and ease the strain and pain.

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The unique shape of the gel pad supports and cradles the wrist and hand, while the V cut-out averts pressure on the median nerve where it crosses the wrist, making weight bearing so much more comfortable. Order these WAGs fitness gloves online today!

Fitness Professional Discounts

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Hear what these professionals have to say about WAGs:


“I cannot recommend these gloves enough…I have carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, but with WAGs, I can bear weight on my hands without aggravating my wrists.” – Jane Poplin, Physical Therapist

“I have thumb arthritis and your gloves are the only product that alleviates pain in my thumb joints during my yoga practice. Sure enough, elevating the palm takes pressure off my thumbs.” – Lynne Carr, Registered Yoga Teacher

“My right wrist is quite stiff from an old mountain bike accident. WAGs helped me continue to do yoga despite this.” – Lee Cancio, Surgeon C COL MIL USA Medcom AISR

“I’m an occupational therapist with pain in my hands and thumbs from joint instability. WAGs have been of great benefit to my Pilates and yoga. I have less pain and better endurance for weight bearing through my wrists. Thanks!” – Maria, Ireland

“I’ve had bilateral CMC joint surgery and wearing WAGs helps reduce the stress on the CMC and scapho-trapezial joints while I’m doing circuit training and yoga. I do not work out without them.” – Boyd Walker, O.D., Homer, Alaska

Help your clients or patients get rid of their wrist pain so they can enjoy all the benefits of a consistent exercise regime. WAGs come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Check out our other wrist support gloves today!

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