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Our hands naturally loose strength as we age, unless we do things to keep them strong. You might think that squeezing a ball a few times is all it takes, but there are lots of little muscles in your fingers and hands so it takes a little more than that. You can strengthen all the fingers at once and then individually or in pairs.

Let’s start with each finger meeting the thumb to form an O. Just touch your the tip of you index, middle, ring and little fingers one at a time to your thumb. Keep a nice round O and do not press the pads of your fingers and thumb together -which will squish your O shape. Do this 5 to 10 times as a warmup. Then do the same thing with an Eggercizer or some foam so you have some resistance. Press firmly and hold a few seconds then go to the next finger pressing with the tips and keeping a nice round O.
A hand using an Eggsercizer to improve grip strength

Then put the Eggercizer or foam piece in your hand long, with it the length of your fingers. Keeping your fingers and thumb joints straight press on the Egg or foam and hold for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat. This one can feel odd or hard, but it’s a good stregthener, so give it a try.
An image of a squeezed Eggesercizer that's use to improve grip strength

The last exercise will focus on your finger extensors while kind of massaging the palm of your hand. Hold the Eggercizer in your hands with the fingers straight and move it up to the tip of your right hand while moving down to your palm in your left hand. Then move back and forth pressing your fingers straight the whole time. You don’t have to have an Egg, just press your hands together moving up and down with your fingers perfectly straight. When you’re finished you should feel both stretch on the palm side and strengthening on the back of your fingers.
An image of someone using the Eggsercizer® to massage their hands

There a lot more exercises, but we’ll keep it with those 3 for now. If you’d like to try those and more with an Eggercizer you can get some here

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