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Which style of WAGs is best for me?

Please review the differences between each WAGs style and recommended use on the WAGs Styles page. Still not sure? Give us a call at 1-800-606-4577 and we’ll talk you through it to help you decide.

What exercises, besides Pilates and yoga, are WAGs used for?

WAGs women’s workout gloves with wrist support can be used for any activity where you feel pressure in the wrists. WAGs Customers have told us they use WAGs for indoor and outdoor cycling, weight lifting, Boot Camps in the park, TRX, gyrotonics, motorcycling, water exercises, and even mowing the lawn and gardening!

Which style is best for weight lifting?

Each style works for multiple activities and exercises. We recommend selecting your workout gloves for women and men based on the level of support you require or desire for your wrists — WAGs Ultra has maximum support, Pro Workout Gloves with Wrist Support have medium support and no wrist wrap (so may be preferable to those with mild carpel tunnel syndrome), and the Flex Gym Gloves with Wrist Support offers general support for those with mild pain or discomfort.

Are the gloves only sold in pairs?

Yes.  All WAGs style are sold in pairs, with one right and one left glove. Even if you only have an issue with one wrist, it’s good to protect the other wrist too. Because the gloves elevate the heel of the hand if you only wore one glove it would slightly throw off your alignment in the shoulders and spine.

How do I know what size to order?

Go to the products page to shop for wrist gloves & hand gloves and click the link “Click here to PRINT size chart”. Make sure your printer is set at 100%, print the chart and follow the directions for measuring your hand. It is not accurate to measure your hand on your computer screen.  Glove sizes are unisex.

What if I don’t have a printer?

Click the link as described above to view the size chart on your monitor. Place your hand on a ruler, with the ruler under the knuckles of your palm (where the horizontal dashed lines are on the size chart). Refer to the measurements on the size chart (width across palm knuckles) to determine your size. Measure from edge to edge, outside index knuckle to outside pinky knuckle at the widest part. Still not sure? Give us a call @ 800-606-4577 and we’ll walk you through it.

On the size chart my hand falls on the line between size small and size medium, which size should I order?

You’ll get the best performance out of WAGs if they are fitted and snug. If your hands fall between the line on the WAGs Flex or WAGs Ultra styles we recommend purchasing the smaller size; however, because the WAGs Pro is a tighter fitting glove go up in size and purchase the larger size. Fit is often a personal choice though so whatever your decision, rest assured — if your Wrist Assured™ Gloves do not fit to your liking we’ll gladly swap them for another size within 30 days of purchase.

What is your exchange policy?

We’ll gladly exchange your WAGs for another size within 30 days of purchase. Simply send them back to us and specify what size you need on the copy of your receipt that was emailed to you.

What is your mailing address?

Mail sizes exchanges and returns to:
Joint Protection Products
89 Black Ball Hill Rd.
Dennis, MA 02638

I just received my gloves and I’m not sure if I have the right fit –how can I tell if they are too tight or too loose?

The fabric should be snug across the back of of the hand. WAGs will loosen up slightly with wear so keep this in mind. Too Big: If your hand easily slides around inside the gloves and you can pinch excess fabric on the back of the hand then the gloves are too big. Too Small: If the gloves are very difficult to put on and take off or if the thick part of the gel pad does not rest at the base of the palm & wrist then the gloves are too small.

What is your return policy?

It is important to us that you are happy with your WAGs. If they do not perform to your satisfaction we’ll refund you the purchase price. Simply mail the gloves to us within 30 days of purchase, include a copy of your email receipt and request for a refund. We value customer feedback and welcome your comments. Damage due to improper care or normal wear is not covered by the guarantee.

What if I can’t find my receipt?

Receipts are emailed with your order confirmation from Joint Protection Products. No worries though, we can access your receipt easily if you provide your billing name.

I have arthritis at the base of my thumb; will WAGs alleviate my thumb pain?

The gel pad does cover the area where the thumb joint attaches to the wrist so many people find the WAGs pad improves their comfort in the thumb joint. Also the wedge shape of the gel pad decreases the angle of wrist extension which elevates the base of the thumb and alters the pressure on the joint.

Can you wash the gloves?

YES, WAGs are washable. Recommended care: cold water wash & air dry. You’ll find the care instructions on the label inside each glove.

Does the gel pad compress with use?

No, the gel pad will retain its’ shape for the life of the gloves.

How can I avoid getting pressure between my fingers when I do downward dog?

Impeccable form is even more important when using a prop such as WAGs. Pressure on the wrists can be lessened by balancing the weight distribution between the hands and legs by lifting with the hips and shifting more weight back into the legs. In an open hand weight bearing position, it’s important to distribute your weight evenly throughout your hand and not sink into your wrists. In down dog the force is linear so if you have too much pressure on the heel of your hand, you’ll slide down the wedged pad and press into the fabric between the fingers. Two techniques to avoid this are:

  1. Ground firmly down through the base of the knuckles and lift out of the wrists.
  2. Use a cupping position with your hands by slightly flexing or curling the finger tips.

We’ve also found that washing the gloves softens the finger gussets of the gloves.

Can I use the gloves for biking?

YES. WAGs work for any activity that requires you to support weight on the wrists and hands.  The Pro is especially great for off road biking to absorb shock and reduce jarring to the wrists on bumpy trails. For road cycling most people prefer the thinner pad of the the WAGs Flex style.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Please note additional customs duties apply. This does not affect your purchase price in our shopping cart; however, you’ll be required to pay the duty charged by your country when the gloves are delivered.

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