As summers waning do you start thinking about going back to working out more often. I sure do. In the summer I ride my bike, go for walks and fit in a workout maybe 2 times a week and yoga once. But once September is here, I try to consistently do yoga or Pilates and workout at the gym 5 times a week. I’ve noticed as I get older, how important it is.

When I work out consistently it helps me keep tendinitis away. And I always warm up a little first by moving my limbs in various ways and stretching gently. Then when I get into my exercises, it feels better and I’ve decreased the risk of irritating the tendons. Also I always wear my WAGs to keep my right wrist happy.

Remember tendinitis can start several ways. Vigorously exercising too much, especially without warming up or overworking one muscle group can put strain on the tendons causing an overuse injury or tendinitis. As a rule of thumb, especially when lifting weights, work all the muscle groups consistently then take the next day off from lifting to give everything a rest. It’s not a good idea to lift back to back days unless one day you’re working on the upper body and the next the lower body. It’s okay then, you just don’t want to lift weights working out the same muscle groups 2 days in a row. It puts you at greater risk of injury.

Tendinitis can develop from bearing weight on your hands too. For example, in a yoga class that does a ton of sun salutations you’re going to be moving onto your hands a lot. The stretch of the wrist when your doing planks, chatturangas and more can be too much on the tendons. This can cause irritation and pain as the tendons stretch to move your wrist into extension causing micro tears and the development of tendinitis in the tendons on the palm side of your wrists. Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) have wedged gel pads which decreases your angle of wrist extension, so you avoid putting the strain on the tendon, preventing tendinitis or relieving it if you already have it.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and take care of yourself. If you’re working out more as you get back into a fall routine, remember these tips to keep injury free, healthy and active.

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