We are incredibly grateful to have the following story of how Wrist Assured Gloves made an impact for a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She helped her clients overcome pain and build on their Pilates practice and cardio workouts. E2: Exercise with Erin is an inspiration for her innovation and pursuit of making exercise accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

Erin’s specialties are Pilates and BootCAMP classes and she also teaches Sculpting and CardioBox classes. Erin has a special place in her heart for her hard-working Senior Exercisers in Ionia County Michigan, where she’s based. We hope you enjoy Erin’s story below and find inspiration and ways to help your clients do the exercises they want to do!

The feet may be our “foundation”, but in the world of fitness, the hands are just as important. They grip, plant, aim, and support us through many exercises. So when several of my Pilates clients couldn’t progress any further in a few hand-planted exercises due to wrist pain, I felt stuck. We all did. Rather than avoid the exercises altogether, I decided to look for a solution.

I went on the hunt for a way to ease their strain without breaking the bank. First, we tried half-round foam rollers to change the angle of the wrist in these exercises. They were inexpensive and definitely helped, but this tool can be slippery, bulky to transport, and changes shape over time. Not a good long-term solution.

I checked with my Physical Therapy friends, my Primary Care Physician, an Athletic Trainer, and an Orthopedic Surgeon (while enjoying a beverage at the local watering hole, of course). They all seemed to have an opinion on WHY the pain was occurring but none of them offered a solution that didn’t involve needles, scalpels, or appointments three days a week. But my clients weren’t complaining of an acute injury, just a hindrance in their exercise practice.

Back on the hunt for a solution, I discovered Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs). Once the gloves arrived, I immediately put them on anyone who had EVER complained about wrist pain. The first order went to an Intermediate Group Pilates class. I gave them very little details and the simple instruction to “try these and let me know how it goes.” Every single person looked at me in amazement after the first Leg Pull Front Prep. A weird giggle-sigh went through the room. Every person who tried them in that class bought their own WAGs on the spot!

That’s the upside… no more wrist pain. We of course had to gradually increase the demand of the exercises in class, but the initial hurdle was behind us.

The downside? We were now able to pursue Pilates Exercises at a level of difficulty my clients hadn’t felt in a long time. We were back to the days of them giving me dirty looks while I made my way around the room correcting form, mumbling curses under their breath (when they caught their breath, that is) and sweating their demons out after a long day. Wait… what’s the downside again?

Clearly this was an amazing discovery… which makes the delay of adding WAGs to my BootCAMP class a real mystery to me. The whining over push-ups was reaching a deafening level. Enter the last of my WAGs, and they quickly had to find something ELSE to whine about… like how much they HATE doing Mountain Climbers with the BOSU (while wearing WAGs), or Burpees while holding a soft 8# medicine ball (and wearing WAGs), or planks with Slalom Jumps (yep, wearing WAGs).

What a relief! For them AND me. Getting them to focus on the practice instead of the pain helped reduce their stress and mine. It improved our ability to work together towards goals. Yep, relief! And MUCH easier to carry around than a 36” long half round foam roller (or 12 of them).

Thanks for sharing your story Erin! Head on over to WristAssuredGloves.com to get some gloves for yourself or your clients. Be amazed at what can be done when wrist pain doesn’t interfere with exercise!

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