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This Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green®. There is a strong connection between taking care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and taking care of your environment. That includes keeping the spaces where we live and work healthy. In this special Earth Day article, we’re sharing a few smaller, every day ways to be more “green” that align with health, fitness and overall wellness and are easy to integrate into your life.

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Start a garden. Maybe you think your space isn’t big enough for a garden. Start small to make a big difference. A single plant – in your window if you don’t have a patio or porch space – is a start. You can integrate and add other plants as you find spaces and hone your green thumb skills. Apartment Therapy has an entire showcase of small-space gardens for urban-dwellers. Bring a little green space into your life!

wrist assured gloves yoga pilates accessories Speaking of gardening, one of our customers has shared a very innovative use of her WAGs! She has a full garden she loves spending hours in each day. When she started noticing wrist pain following her time in the garden she added her WAGs – normally reserved for Pilates – beneath her usual gardening gloves. A little prevention goes a long way! The gloves have turned out to be the perfect accessory to keeping her gardening marathons going strong!

wrist assured gloves yoga pilates accessories

Go green from the inside out! Have you heard of the ‘Green Monster Movement‘? Lots of people have been touting the benefits of drinking your greens, in the form of smoothies or juice. Wheatgrass is one of the “superfoods”, but you can experiment adding things like spinach, avocado, various lettuces, pea sprouts, kale, broccoli and more to your usual smoothies or juices.
With all this going green we must inject a little color! We love seeing more companies create alternative beauty and health care products that are non-toxic for humans… and for the earth! One company is tackling all-natural nail polish, promising to deliver top-notch color and staying power with benefits.

Our final recommendation for ways to go green is to buy quality products. The least expensive or cheapest options may not always be the best for the earth. Research and investigate products, find out if the company practices responsibility and sustainability in the development and creation of their products. Buy quality products that stand the test of time.

What are your go-green-Earth Day tips? Share your ideas, list of ways to go green and thoughts below, or via Facebook and Twitter.

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