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Remember that adorable movie with dancing Penguins? Those little guys have it made when it comes to taking care of their feet. Mother Nature equipped them with everything they need to brave any conditions. We humans are a little more complicated, stuffing our feet in heels and shoes, all the while expecting them to be happy feet. Give your feet a little love, starting with getting healthy toes!

Happy Feet!

The Toes, otherwise known as the Phalanges, are hard working little guys! Toes assist in balance, supporting and propelling us throughout our lives, day in day out. Keep your toes flexible & healthy and you’ll be rewarded with improved comfort and agility of movement over the course of your life.

  • Do spend time every day walking bare foot or in socks.
  • Let your toes spread freely and make direct contact with the floor or earth daily.
  • Do stretch and strengthen your toes often. Move them up, down and apart.
  • Don’t cram your toes into tight fitting shoes, especially ones with very pointy toes, no matter how fashionable they may be. Tight or pointy shoes push toes together and shift their alignment.
  • Don’t wear shoes with heels, especially high ones, every day. High heels place the toes in an extended (lifted upward) position. Over time the muscles and tendons on the top of the foot become tight and shorten.

  • Toe Sox: Comfortable organic cotton socks that naturally promote toe separation.
  • Moisture Wicking Socks (keep blisters at bay!) Some great brands include DeFeet, Injiinji, DryMax and Smartwool PhD.
  • Yoga Toes – Toe Separators: Made of a flexible gel, designed to spread toes far apart for passive stretching.

Want even more information on how to have healthy feet and toes? Check out this great article about Yoga for the Feet by Pam Werner of Sun&Moon Yoga Studio. Check back in a couple days as we tackle stretches for the feet and barefoot running! Remember prevention at all stages, keeping those feet & toes healthy!

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