Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."
WAGs Customer: Beth Levine

Age: 53
Profession: Sales Representative
How do you use your Wrist Assured™ Gloves?: For Pilates
Years Practicing Yoga or Pilates: 8 yrs.
Leisure Interests: My dogs!
Yet To Do In Life: Own a horse!

“As I developed arthritis in my left hand and wrist, without the gloves, I would not have been able to continue practicing Pilates. I love Pilates so the gloves are a ‘life saver’!”

WAGs Customer Bonnie Silver recently submitted the following letter, professing “I love WAGs!”! We’re happy, Bonnie!

I’ve been using WAGs for two years for my Pilates workouts.  I suffer from arthritis and tendonitis and have had carpal tunnel and trigger finger release surgeries.  WAGs alleviate the stress put on my hands, elbows and shoulders during my workouts. WAGs have also been instrumental in helping to ward off any further damage and they help with proper form while doing exercises that involve my hands and arms.  The gloves fit perfectly, are incredibly comfortable and are durable too!  My first pair lasted over 2 years!

WAGs have made it possible for me to do Pilates and enjoy it.  I just adore these gloves and never work out without them!

WAGs Customer: Jonathan Urla
Profession: Founder YOGILATES, Pilates and Yoga Instructor
Years practicing Yoga / Pilates: 25 yrs

I use my pair of WAGs for my Pilates and weight training. I especially like them for pressing free weights as the cushion support in the palms relieves my wrists and allows me to lift more weight. I have recommended the gloves to many of my clients, both male and female, and they have purchased them and use them regularly.

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