Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

Are weight bearing positions of yoga or Pilates taking a toll on your wrists?

Whether it’s the cumulative result of your work, age or of an injury, aching hands or wrist pain can seriously impair your ability to practice Pilates and yoga. After all, nature didn’t design your palms with a soft cushion to distribute your upper body weight. So we at Joint Protection Products did!

If weight-bearing poses are uncomfortable for you, try our revolutionary Wrist Assured™ Fitness Gloves. Invented by a licensed occupational therapist, with joint protection and comfort in mind, these stylish, durable and comfortable yoga wedge gloves will get you back on your hands again, pain-free. Don’t let wrist pain keep you from enjoying the lifestyle benefits of a consistent Pilates work out and yoga practice.

We’ve spared no expense to create these fitness gloves with the best ingredients, to give you the ultimate in comfort and performance during your yoga practice and Pilates workout.  We consciously made a choice to support fair labor wages and reduce fuel use of long distance shipping, so Wrist Assured™ Workout Gloves with Wrist Support are manufactured and assembled in the United States & Canada.
We invite you to try a pair of our wearable yoga wedge Wrist Assured™ gloves. Give them a workout for 30 days. If you’re not delighted with the results, return them for a full refund. We’re confident however that our men’s and women’s fitness gloves will become an essential part of your Pilates and yoga practice.

Tired of Your Wrist Pain?

Tired of Your
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