About WAGs (Wrist Assured Gloves)

Yoga – Pilates – Workout Gloves for Wrist Pain!

Does wrist pain and strain interfere with your health and fitness pursuits?

  • Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) are unique therapeutic workout gloves specifically designed to prevent and relieve wrist pain
  • Most exercises, including TRX, yoga & Pilates, require that you support weight on your hands, often resulting in wrist strain and pain.
  • Invented by an occupational therapist, WAGs are a patented, practical solution to a common problem –wrist pain! WAGs ergonomic design eliminates wrist pain by inserting an anatomically contoured gel wedge into the palm of the glove.
  • The unique shape of the gel pad supports your hand & wrist while the V cut-out eliminates compression on the median nerve where it transverses the wrist.
  • Move through your yoga, Pilates and Fitness sequence with fluid continuous motion while gracefully executing poses free of wrist pain. WAGs enhance your comfort, performance and stability with the therapeutic gel pad design and non-slip palm.
  • With our 30 day money back guarantee you can workout with WAGs for 30 days and if you’re not pleased with the results, return them for a full refund. It’s that easy. All you have to loose is your wrist pain!

Ergonomically Engineered Gel Pad: The heart of the glove

The shape and functionality of our gel pad is innovative and unique – but that’s not all! The contoured gel pad is extremely durable, resilient and will retain its’ shape for the life of the glove. The firm gel gives slightly when pressure is applied so you’re comfortable, but it’s not squishy and wobbly. The pad rebounds to its’ shape once your hand is lifted and doesn’t compress over time. So it is both comfortable AND provides a stable base of support. How handy is that?

Is weight bearing exercise taking a toll on your wrists?

  • Your wrist pain may be due to weakness, overuse, an injury, arthritis or tendonitis. If supporting weight on your hands is uncomfortable, try a pair of WAGs -risk free for wrist pain relief and prevention.
  • Designed with joint protection and comfort in mind, these stylish, durable and comfortable gloves will get you back on your hands again, pain-free.
  • The only Yoga, Pilates, Workout Gloves specifically designed to Prevent & Relieve Wrist Pain!

WAGs are now available in 3 styles. Find out which style meets your needs!

  • For the ultimate in comfort, performance and versatility put a pair of WAGs!
  • Don’t let wrist pain keep you from enjoying the lifestyle benefits of a consistent exercise routine, Pilates work out or yoga practice.

Try a pair of WAGs Today!

Wrist Assured™, you’ll be glad you did.