Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

Therapeutic Benefits

WAGs –A Fitness Glove with Benefits Like No Other!

Maintain Bone Density in the Wrists.

Evidence shows that weight bearing exercise helps maintain and build bone density. Exercises like all 4’s position, plank and push-ups are excellent for building bone density in the wrist, but weight bearing can be problematic for so many people, because it causes wrist pain and discomfort. An alternative to full weight bearing on the hands are resistive exercises, such as upper body weight lifting, which still provide some bone strengthening benefits.

Are you avoiding activities that require you to support weight on your hands due to wrist pain? If so you’re missing out on this important stimulation to your hand and arm bones. Maintaining our bone density through upper body exercise is critical as we age, since this will reduce your chance of a wrist fracture from a fall on outstretched hands.

WAGs hand therapy gloves provide a practical solution for promoting the bone building benefits of restrictive and weight bearing arm exercises. The therapeutically designed gel pad inside the gloves reduces wrist strain and pain, so you can focus on your bone stimulating exercises in comfort! Slip on a pair of WAGs and get back on your hands again.

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