Patented workout gloves relieve wrist and thumb pain!
"Get sexy strong arms without putting up with wrist pain."

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Do your clients or members experience wrist or thumb
pain during their Pilates workouts?

WAGs are patented fitness gloves proven to relieve wrist and thumb pain during weight supported exercise on the hands!

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) were invented by an occupational therapist following a wrist injury because there wasn’t a solution that enabled her to get back to her Pilates and yoga practice without aggravating her wrists. Now thousands have experienced the wrist pain relief that WAGs patented gel pad offers and are ‘back on their hands’ again enjoying the mind – body benefits of their Pilates workouts.

The Ergonomics of WAGs

Anatomically our hands are designed for precision and mobility, not weight bearing. It’s no wonder that many people experience wrist pain or discomfort when supporting weight on their hands, especially with the wrists in full extension. And for those with tender wrists or thumbs from arthritis the pain is often worse with weight bearing. Yet many Pilates poses and strength training exercises involve supporting weight on the hands. The accompanying pain and frustration limits participation or cause many people to abandon these exercises so they miss out on the strengthening benefits for the arms, back and core.


The WAGs womens exercise gloves have an anatomically contoured gel pad that’s thicker at the heel of the hand and tapers towards the fingers forming a wedge. This reduces the extreme angle of wrist extension, easing the stress and pain in the wrist and thumb joints. The firm gel pad cradles and supports the hand and wrist- making weight bearing so much more comfortable!

Instructor and Studio Discounts

Would you like to provide a proven wrist pain solution for your clients and studio members?

Hear what these WAGs users have to say:

“WAGs work great. The gel pads really makes a big difference for me during spin, weightlifting, yoga and Pilates. The gloves also help with form since clients are not shifting their weight to avoid wrist pain. I love sharing this great product with our members!” -Patricia Vaughan, Director of Pilates Eastern Athletic Club

“Thanks for creating this product! We use it in our Physiotherapy clinic when teaching clients Pilates and yoga poses for rehabilitation. It works marvelously and clients who were unable to weight bear through their wrists have no pain and they can finally start to strengthen their core and shoulder stabilizers. Great product! Highly recommended.” – Rebalance Toronto Physiotherapy

“I’m a Pilates instructor and a loyal repeat client with arthritis in my hands. WAGs provide the support and comfort I need to teach and do Pilates 6 days a week. Year after year the advanced moves can really take a toll on teh wrists. I love WAGs and recommend everyone use them. Thank you!” -Kris Nagatini, Mind Body Wellness Studio

“I spend hours working on a computer and by the end of the day my writs and shoulders are strained. WAGs have enabled me to increase the number and duration of my workouts by relieving the stress put on my wrists. The gloves are so comfortable and really help improve the quality of my workouts. I wish I’d discovered them sooner!” – Jasmine Cook, San Francisco

“I am so pleased with my WAGs. I am an avid Pilates and Yoga participant but my wrists became painful which interfered with my form and participation. After using WAGs for 2 weeks I’m happy to say that my yoga and Pilates is free of wrist pain again. Thank-You!” -Ann Ellanson

All 4 supportive WAGs styles come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Help your clients and members get rid of their wrist and thumb pain, so they can enjoy all the mind-body benefits of full participation and a consistent Pilates practice. Order WAGs Pilates gloves today!


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