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Introducing the New…HAND FITNESS KIT

Our hands work hard for us all day. They hold our children, bags, lattes and more. They text, type and tweet. They do a multitude of tasks for our livelihood, yet our hands are often neglected and rarely exercised.

Did you know there are 69 muscles in our hands and forearms?

Your hands will get some much deserved TLC with the Hand Fitness Kit.

The Hand Fitness Kit includes a finger exercise band, a resistance band, an ‘eggerciser’ and a series of 20 illustrated exercises designed to keep your hands in tip top shape. Through regular use of the Hand Fitness Kit you can improve your strength in the fingers, wrists and forearms, increase dexterity, pinch and grip strength and reduce your risk of problems from repetitive stress or muscle imbalances. There’s more to taking care of your hands then squeezing a stress ball!

Here’s a sampling of the exercises you’ll find in your Hand Fitness Kit:

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Hand Fitness Kit

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