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Advantages of Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)

for Working Out

At WAGs, we are aware that working out is an important part of our lives. Staying healthy and in shape is something we do every week. But sometimes muscle or tendon pain interferes and we know that any muscle pain can discourage you from completing your workout or push you to lower the intensity and modify the exercise. When it comes to wrist pain and discomfort, this can definitely impact your enthusiasm to continue to get in shape.

We use our hands in almost everything we do, especially when we’re working out! We lift weights, do planks, push-ups, TRX, yoga poses and Pilates moves that require supporting weight on our hands — these activities can be seriously affected by wrist problems. That’s just how WAGs came to be and it’s the best product to help you with wrist and thumb pain, guaranteed.

Don’t let a problem with your wrist define your workout performance or hinder a routine you enjoy and have made so much improvement in. Let WAGs help! Put on a pair and workout like you want to with the comfort our fitness gloves provide — They have a patented gel pad that makes them unique. Wrist pain relief can be yours!

Do your wrists hurt when you’re working out?

Causes of Wrist Pain

First, we have to talk about the various problems that can cause wrist pain. It’s important to become aware of the many problems that can cause this cumbersome issue.

There are a number of syndromes, injuries, and problems which cause wrist pain that, in turn, can force you to accommodate your wrists while sacrificing the benefits of the full workout. When modifying you mostly sacrifice fully exercising your arms, shoulders, and core.

Here are four common wrist injuries that can affect you:


Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder that affects joints. This condition can become more common as we get older due to our joints degenerating throughout the years of use. Some of the symptoms can be wrist pain, swelling around the joint, and difficulty gripping.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as median nerve compression, is a condition that can weaken your hand and can cause pain, tingling, or numbness. This problem can manifest as weakness in your hands and having trouble holding or gripping objects, discomfort that can move into your fingers, tingling sensations that can move into your arm, and numbness in your palm, thumb, index, and middle finger.


Wrist tendonitis, also called tenosynovitis, is a common wrist condition that is caused by irritation and inflammation of the tendons around your wrist joints. Some of the symptoms can include grinding sensation when the tendons move, redness and warmth of the tendons, and swelling around the wrist joint.

Thumb Arthritis

Thumb arthritis or basal thumb arthritis is a condition that commonly intensifies with age and occurs when the cartilage at the base of the thumb starts to wear away. You can experience swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the base of your thumb, decreased strength and range of motion when grasping, pinching, or moving your thumb, and the enlargement of the thumb joint.

Weak Wrists

Your muscles fatigue easily after several movement repetitions or static holds. There’s an inability to keep the wrist stable when lifting barbells or holding hand weights in exercise. When weight-bearing on the hands you sink into the wrists instead of lifting out -causing wrist pain. Tendons get strained because the muscles can’t bear the resistance and good form is compromised.

Don’t let your condition ruin your workout.

 Any of these common problems and more can be the cause of wrist or thumb pain and discomfort. It can force you to stop working out or modify and discourage you from continuing your healthy routine and keeping an active life.

Luckily, at WAGs, we offer a variety of patented fitness or workout gloves that are meant to help you through these problems and support your wrists so you can continue your active lifestyle. Check the gloves we offer and pick the one that suits your needs the most!

Activities you can do with WAGs

Working out has so many benefits! Being forced to avoid it due to pain in your wrist can be disheartening. This is where the WAGs gloves come into play. The ergonomic design of our patented workout gloves fully support your wrists and diminish your pain while allowing you to do all your exercises in comfort.

DISCLAIMER:  It is important to consider that the many reasons that can cause pain and discomfort may be due to an underlying medical condition or other issues, such as previous fractures or surgeries, that have intensified the problem.

Please be aware that if such problems persist and become too noticeable to bear, you should consult with your doctor or health care practitioner before engaging in rigorous physical activities.

Wrist Assured™ Ergonomic Gloves are not intended as treatment for medical conditions. JPP is not liable for any injury resulting from improper usage.

Now, let’s continue with five activities that can be done by using your WAGs.

Strength Training

Strength training often has exercise sets that require you to have your palms flat against the floor to hold your body weight. Without the proper support, the wrist tends to over extend, stretching your tendons, which can cause wrist pain. The advantage of the Wrist Assured™ Ergonomic Gloves is that it not only gives you a cushion to soften the impact on your joints, but it also raises the palm of your hand slightly to take away some of the stress of an overextended wrist.

In strength training you also lifts weights and objects during workouts. The WAGs gloves offer a great non-slip surface on the palms to have a better grip while exercising with ropes, dumbbells and bars, while doing pull ups, and any other activity that requires a firm grip.


Cycling is one of those activities that constantly involves your wrists. Having your hands on the handlebars helps you hold the weight of your body and steer, but this requires you to have a firm grip on the bar. Cycling can become painful after a while, especially if riding outside over rough terrain -your wrists feel every bump.

The gel padded and non-slip surface on the palm of your WAGs gloves can guarantee a comfortable ride for your wrists and hands to keep riding and working out further — don’t let sore wrists and hands disrupt your focus or shorten your ride. Get your WAG gloves today!

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are such wonderful workouts. Even if you use it for relaxation or to gain a zen state of mind, it’s an activity that will often challenge your core muscles along with your arm and leg strength.

Your wrists are very involved in yoga and Pilates. Positions like downward dog, plank, cat-cow, or extended side angle, to name a few, use your wrists as your hands maintain contact to the ground holding the weight of your body.

If you have to interrupt your practice or roll up your mat because of wrist pain, consider Wrist Assured™ Ergonomic Gloves to help you! They bring you comfort and the ability to fully practice yoga or Pilates – without any modifications. Soon you can become a master yogi and Pilates practitioner!


TRX is a workout that uses gravity and your own body weight to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and core strength simultaneously. The suspension system requires you to have excellent grip to grasp the equipment while you are hanging from it doing your reps. Other exercises have you place your feet in the loops to do a variety of positions with your hands on the ground. You’ll notice your wrists are holding the entirety of your body weight. Thats where WAGs can help with the patented gel pad in the gloves it provides a cushion and bit of a wedge— the perfect ally for these types of exercises!

CrossFit & Core Work

CrossFit and core work can be an intense workout. Fast repetitions of impact movements like burpees that require going from a plank position to a push up to finally coming back up for a jump. That constant impact on your wrists can be mitigated by the gel pads that our workout gloves offer.

Why not be safe and make sure that your wrists are taken care of rather than risk injuries. The last thing you want is to stop working out or have to modify due to wrist pain. At WAGs, we know how necessary workouts are for our customers. That’s why we offer the best workout gloves to avoid wrist pain and help you diminish your wrist’s conditions if you already have some discomfort.

Submerge yourself into your workouts with Wrist Assured Gloves

The team at WAGs is happy to have helped so many people with our ergonomic gloves that offer better support for your wrists and give you the grip you need to keep working out and have the active lifestyle you love. Check out our testimonials and read about the people that have benefited from our ergonomic workout gloves!

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