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Are you ready to Bust out of Boredom and mix up your fitness regime? Summer time is a great time to mix it up, challenge yourself and add fun exercise activities to your routine! If you’re feeling unmotivated by your exercise routine try these 5 tips for making it …well, less routine.

lake_swimming1. Make a Splash!  There are so many options when it comes to exercising in the water.  Not only is working out int the water gentle on your joints, it’s great for toning your muscles too.  Go for a swim in a pool, lake or the ocean.  Do a water aerobics class or create your own work out by moving your limbs in various directions against the resistance of the water.  With some simple toys like a kick board or noodle you can work out your legs while floating across the pond or pool.  If swimming is not your thing then hop in a kayak or canoe for a great upper body or try stand up paddleboarding (SUP) for a fun core workout.  Cool off, make a splash and try a water work out this summer!

2. Work Out with the Birds!  Have you ever worked out at the break of daylight?  It’s incredibly peaceful to pedal to sounds of the birds singing and watch as the morning sky turns from pink to blue.  Or lace up your sneakers for a walk – run dawnin the woods or your neighborhood without maneuvering around cars and people.  Even something as simple as taking your exercise mat out on your deck to do your daily sit-ups and push-ups instead of in your usual spot in front of the TV can be the change needed to keep you motivated.  Connect with nature and try the magic of an early morning workout.


3. Do Something Playful!  If you have children or grandchildren take a cue from them and join in the fun.  Hop on your bicycle and pedal to the park.  Swing on a playground swing.  Do your hanging abdominal crunches from the jungle gym or swing like a monkey.  You can easily work in your triceps dips and push-up on a park bench.  Hop on the backyard trampoline and bounce up and down for a great aerobic workout.  Get a game of badminton or whiffle ball going at your next family outing.  Exercise doesn’t have to be painful drudgery.  Lighten up, play and have some fun!

4. Change your Scenery!  Do you always take the same route when you push your baby in the exercising-at-playgroundstroller or walk your dog?  Golf at the same golf course, play tennis on the same courts?  Get a fresh perspective.  Explore a different neighborhood or head to a new park.   Even a power walk through the beautiful woods on the same trail can get stale.  Find someplace that offers a different terrain for your walk, run or bike ride.  Try barefoot running on the beach. Go to a new golf course or tennis court.  For non-golfers offer to caddy for your partner or friends next golf game and walk (not ride) the course.  Take your binoculars and do some bird watching too.  Where can you go this week for a change of scenery?

Backpacking5. Try Something New!  Is there something on your bucket list that you keep meaning to get to?  Rise to the challenge and try something new.  Take that belly dancing class you’ve been intrigued about.  Sign up for sailing or surfing lessons.  Go hiking or backpacking in the mountains.Join a seniors tennis league or ballroom dance class.  Take scuba diving lessons or go snorkeling. What are you waiting for? Try out these fun exercise activities for adults!

If your exercise routine has put you to sleep you may wake up to find that summer has passed you by. Add the fun factor to your fitness by trying any one or all 5 of these fun exercise ideas for adults and other tips- Jump in the water, work-out at dawn, play, explore and check something off your bucket list! swinging


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