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MONKEY ARMS!” was the phrase of the day as we tried our first Kettlebell class (using our WAGs, of course!). From “chopping trees” to “around the world” using legs, glutes, hips and core, this class was a definite challenge. However, unlike the other people taking class for the first time we had an advantage using our gloves – which was especially noticeable when one of our fellow participants lost his grip and a Kettlebell sailed through the air! The non-slip design of WAGs weight lifting gloves with wrist support was a big confidence bolster for the maneuvers that required a firm grip moving through multiple planes of motion, simulating functional movement found in everyday life.

This class is intense and we would recommend a beginner class to start. At the very least, let the instructor know you are new to the movements and style of class to prevent any strain or injury. Kettlebells have a range of weights, starting at 10 lbs and up to 106 lbs. Choose a weight on the lower end of the range to begin and work your way upwards as you progress through the exercises.

What makes working out with Kettlebells (KB) so different than other strength-training exercises? We went to the industry-insider resource for personal trainers, PT on the Net, to find out!

  • Displaced Center of Gravity – The center of gravity of the KB is six to eight inches below the center of your hand. Barbells and dumbbells center the weight with your hand. The offset of the KB makes the weight “alive” in your hand and increases the difficulty and benefit of many of the drills. KBs can do anything a dumbbell can do, even better – but not vice versa.
  • Thick Handles – Thick bar training is a proven way to increase grip strength and the difficulty of certain drills.
  • Variety – The number of KB drills is only limited by your imagination and safety. One KB, two KB and combination drills provide unlimited protection from boredom.
  • Balance of Tension and Relaxation – Tension is strength; relaxation is speed. An athlete must balance both to maximize skill. KB training utilizes a balance of tension and relaxation.
  • Fun – With the ability to actually “juggle,” spin, pass hand to hand and throw the KB, KB training has a fun factor and variety not found in traditional training.

Check out this “intro to Kettlebells” from Women’s Health magazine:


Have you tried using Kettlebells? Are you interested in trying? Share your experience or ask any questions below!

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