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My friend Christina Souza-Ma from the Yoga Hub is putting on a very exciting and forward thinking event.  On February 19th through the 21st the first annual Virtual World Yoga Conference will be held.  Titled ‘Yoga, Health and Happiness’ this conference features 35 different speakers and trainers with 50 hours of instruction —all for the amazing low price of $197.00.  How can this be?  Attendance at this virtual conference is from the comfort of your own home!

Participants listen to the training sessions on the phone or streamed over the web. They’ll have the opportunity to participate live and ask questions at the end of the sessions or interact through the forum.  In addition to the audio sessions movement breaks are included, via streamed media pieces, so attendees can practice meditation & yoga along with the guidance of an instructor.  True, you won’t get the hands on adjustments that you do in a traditional class, but you’ll have access to world class speakers, interactive sessions, plus lot’s more at an affordable eco-friendly price.

All sessions at the live event will be recorded, so if Grandma’s birthday party interferes with the conference schedule, any sessions missed can be replayed at another time.  How convenient is that?  No boarding a plane, no noisy hotel room, no disruption to your family life and no big dent in the budget –Simply relax in the comfort of your own home and learn from a wide variety of experts how to transform your health and embrace happiness.

As a sponsor of this event we are able extend a special $100 savings to you by using the coupon code WAGS219. (Note: this coupon can be applied to your cart during the checkout payment process for an instant $100 off the general admission price.) Are you interested in attending this fabulous event for only $97.00?

See what it’s all about here:

I hope you’ll join us in this virtual space!

Paula Wilbert

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